Landscaping Victoria - Builder Member

Landscaping Victoria Member

Centre Court Lawns are Builder Member of Landscaping Victoria. Landscaping Victoria is a progressive association of committed professionals working in an exciting and expanding industry. It comprises commercial and residential landscape contractors, landscape designers, students and educators, and landscape service and product suppliers.

In a multi-billion dollar industry they share the common goal of promoting the association's standards of ‘Quality, Pride and Professionalism’. Over the last 45 years the Landscaping Victoria has grown to be a strong force, with a growing public profile, the capacity to add huge value for its members, and the strength to effectively influence industry trends and standards.

Members of Landscaping Victoria Incorporated believe that the interests of the community at large can best be served through the observance of a Code of Ethics which recognises that community confidence in the landscaping industry is enhanced by:

Honesty and Courtesy
Skill and Competency
Integrity for work and industry

To further these aims, Landscaping Victoria members are expected to:

  • Enhance and foster professional and ethical practice in rendering services;
  • Maintain the highest standards of honesty and integrity to clients, fellow members and the community;
  • Comply with all laws and regulations in the conduct of their business;
  • Encourage educational development and training at all times;
  • Encourage a spirit of harmony and co-operation between members;
  • Act in a manner which advances the standing of the industry in the community.

Registered Building Practitioner

Registered Building Practitioner - Victoria
Centre Court Lawns & Landscaping are a Registered Building Practitioner (Registered Builder: DB-L41790). The Building Act 1993 introduced major changes in building control to improve the Victorian building industry.  Of particular note, the Act introduced building permit approvals by private surveyors.  It also introduced compulsory registration and insurance for builders and certain other categories of building practitioners.  The registration category that applies to landscapers is Domestic Builder Limited and the limitation is Structural Landscaping.

Under the provisions of the Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995 (as amended February 12, 2008), you are now required to be registered as a Domestic Builder Limited, to undertake building works over $5000. According to the legislation governing this work, you must be registered to carry out building work as described in Section 5, and you will need Builders Warranty Insurance for any project over $12,000.

Master Builders

Master Builders Association of Victoria - Member
Centre Court Lawns is a member of the Master Builders Association of Victoria. The Master Builders Association of Victoria was established in 1875 by a group of distinguished builders intent on raising standards within the industry. Since that time the organisation has grown to become a pre-eminent industry voice with members universally renowned for their reliability, skill and professionalism.

A broad based organisation, Master Builders services the needs of the entire industry, from residential to commercial and engineering businesses, principal contractors to subcontractors, manufacturers and suppliers.

Play Australia

Play Australia - Member
Centre Court Lawns is a member of Play Australia. Established in 1913, Play Australia support and work with many different people and agencies in the community, including local government, schools, early childhood centres, playground designers and landscapers, playground manufacturers. In fact, anyone who has an interest in children and outdoor play experiences.

What does Play Australia do?

  • Promotes quality designs, planning and development of play opportunities and playspaces
  • Represents the play sector on the Australian Standards
  • Committee-CS-005
  • Provides resources, information and advice on playgrounds and play opportunities
  • Facilitates audits and assessments of playgrounds and play equipment
  • Consults with organisations and individuals on issues relating to play and play environments
  • Collects, disseminates and exchanges information about play and play environments
  • Presents training programs for all sectors of the play community
  • Coordinates special projects including seminars, forums, policy development and research.